Pastor Johnny A. Taylor (affectionately known as "Pastor Johnny") was raised in a Christian home with emphasis on attending and participating in the church's Bible classes, Sunday School and Y.P.W.W., which was the foundation of his being the excellent teacher he is today of God's Word. He began his failed-journey to escape his calling by joining the United States Navy immediately after graduating from high school, and when he returned home from the Navy, yet in his rebellious mode, he declared that he did not need to attend church. Then one night Pastor Johnny's wife, Lady Katherine Taylor, and mother, Sister Jorene Taylor, invited him to a revival. The evangelist conducting the revival, at the leading of the Holy Ghost, pointed to Pastor Johnny and spoke as God gave him, "young man God has a calling on your life and unless you give your life to Him He will put a roadblock in your life." Knowing the power of God, Pastor Johnny feared God enough to begin attending church. At this point not being fully committed to accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, a couple of months went by without incident allowing Pastor Johnny to entertain the thought that the Lord had forgotten all about him and just may be the evangelist had gotten it wrong, so once again he stopped attending church. Still on the run from the Almighty God, in January of 1971 Pastor Johnny was involved in a near-fatal car accident in which the car fell from an overpass and landed on the street below. After God had his uninterrupted attention through a fourteen-day coma, Pastor Johnny woke up, uttering these words, "Lord I will do your will." The doctors brought further confirmation of God's presence by informing the family that there was a split in Pastor Johnny's head in the shape of a cross; however, the doctors did not understand the spiritual significance of the split. Therefore, from a medical standpoint they advised Pastor Johnny and his family that if he did not have a steel plate put in his head there would be severe consequences later. This was another opportunity for God to defy medical science--the saints began to fast and pray and the Lord blessed Pastor Johnny to leave the hospital without having the surgery.

In October of that year, Pastor Johnny and his family moved from Corpus Christi to Dallas. In May 1972 the family began visiting Heavenly Gospel Church of God In Christ in Fort Worth, where they soon became members. The not-so-great escape continued as Pastor Johnny stopped going to church yet again. Unrelentingly, the Lord assigned his case to the church mother, Mother Mae Francis Harris, who would send messages by his wife to let him know she loved him and he could not run from God. As time passed, another roadblock was put in his life and he then came to terms with his failed attempt to escape from God, and he surrendered to the saving of his soul and the ushering of others to Christ. Realizing the urgency of the matter, Pastor Johnny hastened to the church that particular Tuesday in March 1973 for the noon prayer service, but as the Lord would have it, no one was there at the time he arrived. With no other access to get inside and no time to waste, Pastor Johnny broke into the church where he sought the Lord with all diligence. During this never-before spiritual encounter, Pastor Johnny received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When the prayer warriors entered the church, they were just in time to join him in praising God. The failed-escape had finally ended; Pastor Johnny became a joyful and dedicated willing worker of the Lord. Later, he was elevated to a deacon and in 1976 Pastor Taylor was called to the ministry. In November of 1977 he received his minister's license and was ordained an Elder in July of 1978. Pastor Johnny held several positions in the church; such as teacher of the new members' orientation class, teacher in Sunday School and Bible Band, Finance Chairman, First Administrative Assistant, and Assistant Pastor. In October of 2009 the Lord spoke to Pastor Johnny and told him that it was time to accept his calling to pastor and gave him the name of his new ministry, "New Life Christian Fellowship Church of God in Christ." On Wednesday, November 11, 2009, the first church service, Bible Study, was held, with 34 members in attendance, and the Lord is still blessing this powerful and anointed ministry. With his unequivocal passion for God's people, Pastor Johnny knows that if he continues to let the Lord lead him, the ministry will grow both naturally and spiritually. Pastor Taylor is faithfully supported by his wife, Lady Katherine, and they are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.