Pastor Johnny A. Taylor (affectionately known as "Pastor Johnny") was raised in a Christian home with emphasis on attending and participating in the church's Bible classes, Sunday School and Y.P.W.W., which was the foundation of his being the excellent teacher he is today of God's Word. He began his failed-journey to escape his calling by joining the United States Navy immediately after graduating from high school, and when he returned home from the Navy, yet in his rebellious mode, he declared that he did not need to attend church. 

 Sister Katherine Taylor, lovingly addressed as “Lady Katherine” by the New Life Christian Fellowship Family, began her preparation to be a supportive wife and First Lady early in her life. As a youth, she was a member of Saint Paul Methodist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas and avidly participated in the Sunday School and Youth Department. The seed planted at an early age for Sunday School grew to become a passion of Sister Katherine’s, thereby preparing her for the journey ahead. Of course, we know today her journey included Johnny A. Taylor who she began dating in high school and it was he who introduced her to the Church of Grship for her business ventures, such as a travel agency.