New Life Christian Fellowship

Church of God in Christ

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Sister Katherine Taylor, lovingly addressed as “Lady Katherine” by the New Life Christian Fellowship Family, began her preparation to be a supportive wife and First Lady early in her life. As a youth, she was a member of Saint Paul Methodist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas and avidly participated in the Sunday School and Youth Department. The seed planted at an early age for Sunday School grew to become a passion of Sister Katherine’s, thereby preparing her for the journey ahead. Of course, we know today her journey included Johnny A. Taylor who she began dating in high school and it was he who introduced her to the Church of God in Christ, where her desire for a closer walk with God was peaked. On March 1, 1969, Sister Katherine married her high school sweetheart. In October 1971 Lady Katherine and the family moved to Dallas; and in May of 1972 the family started visiting Heavenly Gospel Church of God In Christ in Fort Worth where they later became members. She began attending noon prayer on Tuesdays led by Mother Mae Francis Harris, the then Church Mother, where she received spiritual nurturing from the senior saints.

Now that God had captured her undivided attention, Lady Katherine was wholeheartedly seeking Him for her soul’s salvation, and during a revival conducted by Mother Harris she was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. With this new lease on eternal life, Sister Katherine became a faithful and dedicated worker in the Lord’s vineyard. The Lord immediately put her innate leadership ability to work within the church and over the course of time she has served as Sunday School Superintendent, YPWW President, Bible Band President, Vice President of the Finance Department , and President of the Women’s Department. When her husband, Pastor Johnny Taylor, was called to pastor, Lady Katherine was well qualified to be the First Lady by his side—she had gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through her vast natural and spiritual experiences. The New Life Christian Fellowship Family appreciates the teamwork exhibited through its leaders. Although Lady Katherine operates in an advisory capacity to many of the church’s auxiliaries, she continues to serve as President of the Women’s Department, leading by precept and example. She firmly believes in maximizing the talent God has given her, so when time permits she does training for AT&T, which provides another avenue for her witnessing ministry. In addition to the church work and the AT&T training, she utilizes her entrepreneurship for her business ventures, such as a travel agency. Lady Katherine epitomizes Proverbs 31:31, “Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.” Lady Katherine is the mother of four children; grandmother of five; great-grandmother of two; a friend to many; and the First lady to all members of New Life Christian Fellowship. We applaud the works of God through her life for the hearts of the Lord’s people.